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New Options Hair Care:

Heaven on Earth offers New Options Hair Care products which utilize natural ingredients that soften and smooth curly hair textures of all ethnicities.

Design Essentials:

Heaven on Earth offers Design Essentials which has a strong commitment to improving the look and feel of your hair by providing healthy hair styling products that address and satisfy your specific hair needs.


Heaven on Earth offers MIZANI and their formula whether used alone or in combination, gently works to balance the forces of beauty and chemistry, creating radiantly healthy hair.


Heaven on Earth offers REDKEN, and our commitment to bring superior products mesh with the REDKEN Company who formulates scientifically superior products for our community.


Heaven on Earth offers MARTIX which brings a diverse range of haircare, color, style, and texturing products as well as unique in-salon treatments and services that provide solutions for every hair type.


Heaven on Earth offers Moroccan Oil’s nutrient-rich products, with antioxidant infused formulas which are made with the highest quality, authentic ingredients.

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